Are you:

  • Confused by colons?
  • Puzzled by punctuation?
  • Gobsmacked at grammar?
  • Somewhat second rate at spelling?
  • Aware of being appalling at apostrophes?

Do you:

  • Split your infinitives?
  • Use commas instead of semicolons?
  • Put capital letters where they shouldn’t be?

I can proofread all your marketing material and ensure that it’s correctly spelt and punctuated, and that the sentences flow readably so your prospective clients and customers are drawn in. I can also scour your website for errors, and cast an eye over your stationery before it goes to print.

It’s amazing how an outside eye can see mistakes which have passed unnoticed in-house.  If you have written a piece, your eye will often tell you what you think should be there, not what actually is there.

You can be sure that my copy won’t have rogue apostrophes, spelling errors or typos; I pick out mistakes like a sniffer dog after a truffle! I’m fanatical about correct spelling, grammar and sentence construction, and I’m an obsessive proofreader.

‘Caroline is an excellent and thorough proof reader, with an eye for detail. It is a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend Caroline to any author in need of a proof reader.’

Rosemary Bowden, Programmes Editor, Guildford Choral.