A regular newsletter to your customers and clients can be an extremely cost-effective marketing tool. Your news can be a few paragraphs or a few pages, and it can cover whatever you would like to publicise, the only proviso being that it has to be sufficiently interesting, occasionally amusing and always relevant, or people will immediately unsubscribe!

I can put together email newsletters to be sent to your client/customer mailing list which will inform, persuade and entertain in equal measure. Newsletters can be tailored precisely to give your news maximum effect and exposure, with statistics following the mailshot to measure effectiveness. I love coming up with ideas for newsletters – my clients have often discovered that their company is considerably more newsworthy than they thought!

I can discuss ideas, undertake interviews, write the copy, come up with attention grabbing headlines and organise photos and layout. I can also take the photos if necessary; ask for my portfolio if you would like to see some of them. All the photos on my website are mine.

‘Caroline has done an excellent job producing our quarterly newsletters’

Bob Little, Sales and Marketing Director, manufacturing company