I can write copy for all your marketing needs, including websites, brochures, leaflets, editorial articles, press releases and newsletters. I enjoy exploring the identity of a business and translating it into words which will draw people in.

I have always loved both the act of writing and the power of the written word.  I love the way words swim round each other and merge to build something mesmeric; the way they entice and evoke and the reaction they produce, from “I remember that summer by the sea when I was sixteen” one minute to “must order a new chain for my bike,” a few seconds later.

I construct sentences in the same way I imagine an architect designs a building; letting the imagination run riot at first to produce something fascinating and absorbing, and then tempering it to allow for building regulations and fit it for purpose.

Words are a bit like LEGO® bricks.  You can use the same blocks to produce Westminster Abbey, or a small square house with a hole in the roof because you ran out of tiles.  The success is in the imagination and the application.

It’s very satisfying finding something interesting to say about a new topic, whether it’s grandiose or prosaic, and I enjoy working on a brochure which will persuade you to buy a lawnmower just as much as a descriptive passage about the delights of living in a country village.

‘Caroline is always efficient and helpful with an innovative writing style.’

Bob Little, Sales and Marketing Director, manufacturing company